Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Telephones - Cellphones

Naomi and I, after dinner, stand around the kitchen island discussing how to make contact with our teenage grandchildren: Email - they almost never open their account; Call on the phone - they don't answer and their voice mail is full and they never check it anyway; Text - we live too far off the grid for our cellphones to work.
During our excursions out into the 'grid' we do find 'Texting' often elicits a response. I find myself wondering out of frustration - do young people even think of using phones for voice. Even the word Telephone seems quaint and out-of-date. It is now 'smartphone' or 'cell phone'. I find myself feeling like a hopeless hick every time I say telephone - sort of like dropping the 'g' on words endin' in ing. The word telephone seems as dated as 'rotary dial'. I don't begrudge the changes in the world. I just wish I could keep up without having to work on it. I feel like a play actor in a foreign culture where I have to keep studying new scripts handed out to me by forces beyond my control and I'm struggling to keep up.

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Kayla Eleanor Block said...

Hi Joe! I found your blog through the Adirondack ‘by Owner’ website where your property is listed (very, VERY beautiful by the by) and I just want to say I completely emphasize with what you are saying here! I find that as the technology is changing all the time, even at my young age of 26 I find it hard to keep up. I mentor homeschoolers who can always be found typing on their pocket-sized keyboards, and they shake their heads at me as I make calls on my "dinosaur egg" cell phone that doesn't have internet or picture taking capabilities. Times are moving fast indeed.