Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring Gardening in the Adirondacks

Ah! the glories of Spring and gardening in the Adirondacks. Tonight there is a frost advisory - It is June 4th! Where is global warming when you really need it? I have a picture of our makeshift coverings for our tomato plants. Plastic tubs, buckets, paper bags, biscotti containers, plant pots, etc. There is a reason not to throw anything away!

Another view shows some of the hills from which the cold air drains down into our little valley on the still spring nights during those high pressures from the North and gives us these late frosts. All in all, it doesn't give us a very long growing season!

There are also things of beauty, not that our selection of covers isn't beautiful. Below is a picture of a honeysuckle bush and a snapshot of some of the dozens of yellow swallowtails that find the cow compost spread over the garden very attractive.