Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update on the Wyandottes and the day old chicks

The Wyandotte hens are adjusting to their new life in Paradox. They are now laying about 2 eggs per day which will be an elegant sufficiency for our needs. They seem to be pretty content with their current 'run' and the Chicken Tractor. Naomi has taken a shine to them as well.

The day old New Hampshire Reds are growing very fast. They were delivered just a week ago and now have fully feathered wings and are probably twice the size they were when they arrived.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Esther and Tovah in Northampton

As part of Esther's trip East for her 13th Birthday, we spent a few days in Northampton with Bekah, Mitch, and Tovah. It was great to have the two cousins together for a few days and during the Passover holiday to boot! We're looking forward to everyone being together in July for the annual reunion in Paradox.
Esther and Aunt Bekah pet a goat. Tovah was much more interested in the playground than the farm animals.

Monday, April 13, 2009

With Esther in New York City

We had a great trip with our granddaughter, Esther, in New York in celebration of her upcoming 13th birthday. She has just finished performing in a production of a musical "Alice in Wonderland" done by a local performance group in Santa Cruz where she lives. So, part of the trip included seeing "In the Heights" a wonderful Broadway Musical about Latino immigrant experience in NYC . It seems like she really enjoyed it. We also took a Ferry Boat ride around the Statue of Liberty and spent some time on Ellis Island. We got to search their computers for her great grandmother - Dina Rozin - who emigrated back in 1923 from Minsk, Russia. We stayed with some generous friends and spent one night in a hotel just off of Times Square. Esther enjoyed some time in the huge M&Ms store. Times Square at night is quite a sight! We also managed to spend some time at the PRADA store - quite an experience. Naomi looked at a $2500 blouse - before she realized what the price was!Esther and Grandma Naomi on Ellis Island at the Memorial Wall, where the Tannen family is recognized, with the view of the Lower Manhattan Skyline.

Times Square!


With Grandpa Joe at a Japanese restaurant just off of Times Square.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today we brought home four Wyandotte hens, hopefully, to supply eggs for us for the season. They are four beautiful birds from my niece, Ilana in Milbrook, NY. We got them settled into the Chicken Tractor in my garden shed for the first few days. Then they'll go out into the garden. They seem comfortable - giving off soft clucking sounds, eating and drinking freely, and scratching in the litter. It seems great to have some farm animals back on the place after an absence of more than twenty years! Next weekend or early next week I expect to receive 25 day old chicks - New Hampshire Reds and that will complete the livestock acquisitions for this summer. We'll see how it goes.