Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hiking at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz

Today was a beautiful January day in Santa Cruz with lots of sun, cool temperatures, and big breakers on the ocean. Naomi and I hiked along the flat trail out to the ocean at Wilder Ranch. We observed a person doing some conservation plantings in the marsh below the trail(maybe California's budget travails haven't resulted in a total loss of conservation efforts), saw some deer, numerous rabbits, huge numbers of gulls, and ocean breakers that topped the cliffs along the ocean. We both had our new Droids with us and took some pictures. I thought this one might be interesting for our Adirondack friends. If only we needed to post these Mountain Lion warning signs in the Adirondacks, they would be a much more complete place.

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Judah Mahay said...

I never knew you had a blog. You should put a widget on the side bar so I can subscribe to it. Hope you both are doing great. Lorien and I are adjusting to Hamptons life. Hopefully, the winter has been too cold for you both.

I can see adventure really runs in our blood. Beautiful photo.